Nearshore Pensacola Fishing & Destin Fishing

Nearshore Red Snapper Pensacola Fishing and Destin Fishing in Florida Gulf of Mexico

     Near shore fishing is a great way to enjoy your vacation here on the Gulf Coast, with so many different species to catch in the Gulf of Mexico you won't be disappointed with all the nonstop action.  You can troll and use top water baits for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, and Jacks.   Also Bottom Drop on Near Shore wrecks for a variety of fish from Snappers, Amberjacks, and Groupers.

"Near Shore Species"

Gray Snapper / Lane Snapper / Red Snapper / Vermilion Snapper / Tarpon /

Cobia / Dolphinfish / Gray Triggerfish / Black Grouper / Gag Grouper /

Red Grouper / Scamp / Almaco Jack / Banded Rudderfish / Blue Runner /

Crevalle Jack / Florida Pompano / Greater Amberjack / King Mackerel /

Spanish Mackerel / Blacktip Shark / Bonnethead Shark / Sandbar Shark /

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

$600 for 6 Hours for up to 3 Adults. $75 for each Additional Person. 

$800 for 8 Hours for up to 3 Adults. $75 for each Additional Person.

4 Adults Max. for all charters

Pictures and Video editing are free in every fishing package.

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Amberjack in State Waters Pensacola, Florida
Pensacola Bay Red Snapper
Created by Capt Scotty Gerdine